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Started in July 2021, we are a family owned ice cream and sweets shop located in Columbus, TX. Our shop can be found nestled in the historic downtown district at 525 Walnut St.


Meet the Owners

Abigail and Aaron Weishuhn are Columbus natives. They bought OST Creamery and Weezieboo from Steven Konarik in November 2022. They have two sons, Walter and Orson. If you're lucky, you might catch the boys at the shop from time to time.

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Ice cream

OST Creamery is an ice cream and sweets shop. We serve Amy's ice cream by the scoop, in a cone, as a shake/malt, or an ice cream sandwich. Dublin sodas are also served and can be paired wit one of our flavors of ice cream for a unique & delicious float.



Before OST Creamery, there was Weezieboo Inc. It started as a drop shipping business and pop up shop. However, in 2020, precious owner and renowned chef, Steven Konarik, was able to open OST Creamery storefront and integrate his craft sweets with the ice cream business.

Got Sweets?

This is where I tell you to order, but you already know that. So don't hesitate. Click the fields below and we'll get you some wonderful craft treats. 

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